Open 24 hours


Cardlock system

Credit cards and Interac Accepted!

Everyone Welcome!; Trucks, Cars, RV's. 


Sandy Bay Cardlock Gas Bar

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Located off of Highway #50, just North of Highway #16. The Bulk Fuel Station is now known as the Sandy Bay Cardlock Gas Bar featuring a 24 hour self service cardlock gas bar with two gas pumps and one diesel pump. 


Previously known as The Bulk Fuel Station, one of the Band businesses that creates employment for many community members. Years ago, the government of that time realized that each department had assumed great amounts of fuel for the day to day business. This is how Bulk Fuel is striving to succeed. Every department requires gas and who better to give them then the staff at Bulk Fuel. Offering a variety of services, the staff has been trying hard to accommodate the community and surrounding residents, so we encourage everyone to visit the Bulk Fuel station.

As of Late 2014 the Bulk Fuel Station will be a 24/7 self-serve gas bar with a cardlock system.